WAC #5 vs. BYU Preview

New Mexico State Quarterback Matt Christian Looks

My alternate title was Aggies II vs. BYU Preview…

Anyway, we really need to get right to the heart of this game:

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Who says good guys don’t get second chances?  It’s time to see what Jake has been learning these last few weeks as the understudy to ole what’s his face?  He never cuts his hair, he gets in people’s faces, he takes a thrash, he’s the yin to Heaps’ yang; oh yes, Riley Nelson…the injector of life-saving wins to an otherwise blech of a season.

As my early Christmas present to me, I want to see if Doman, Heaps and the offense can stretch the field with the passing game and make life miserable for the Aggie jr. defense.  An early reminder, it will be COLD and miserable by game time.  But that should not be an excuse to pack 9 in the box and run the ball, well, as much as the Denver Broncos. 

The NMSU side of the offense does put up numbers. QB Matt Christian is averaging nearly 300 yards through the air and is one of the more accurate slingers in college football.  He’ll be throwing to standout WR Taveon Rogers.  He’s only been averaging 200 all-purpose yards a game this season.  Say what?  Ya, the stud’s returned 3 kickoffs for TD’s.  Sounds like something BYU will want to adjust for.  Finally, RB Kenny Turner will be trying to split the BYU D for some yards.  He’s averaging a respectable 107 since being given the starting job 6 games back.

Defensively, NMSU truly is a nightmare.  They’re soft just about everywhere.  BYU should be able to get their Oline a good push for any run plays and pass plays will be open down field.  Putting BYU in the right play and further confusing the NMSU D will give them fits for the bulk of the day.

All that in to consideration, BYU should have a pretty easy time of it yes?  Here’s your key to the game.  Jake Heaps, and the BYU team collectively, MUST SMELL BLOOD IN THE WATER!!!  There will be plenty of opportunities to put this team away early.  It would behoove the Cougars to do so for a few reasons: 1) To give BYU confidence with Jake Heaps running the show.  To get behind him and have him strike some death blows to the Aggies would really make his time on the bench seem like it was beneficial.  2) You do not want to see the Aggies hang around until the 4th quarter.  Despite their record, NMSU is fully invested in to the long term plan of Head Coach Dewayne Walker.  And they proved it last week by beating Fresno State.  Keeping them in the game would only increase their confidence.  3) Because BYU fans in the eastern and central time zones would like to go to bed before 1 a.m.  I really don’t want to have to stay up to see if we beat the lowly Aggies.

BYU- 47 NMSU-21

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