Astate Nation builds from Auburn

So my cohort in crime, Matt, sends me a copy of tweet mentioning Michael Dyer is enrolling at Arkansas State.  First thought was ‘Michael Dyer, I know that name from somewhere.’   Quick line on the sophomore running back from Auburn:

Year Team G   Rush Yds Yds/G Avg TD   Rec RecYds Yds/G Avg Lng RecTDs  
2010 Auburn (14-0) 14   182 1080 77.1 5.9 5   1 9 0.6 9.0 9 0  
2011 Auburn (8-5) 12   242 1242 103.5 5.1 10   2 7 0.6 3.5 6 0  
Career   26   424 2322 89.3 5.5 15   3 16 0.6 6.5 15 0

For a school to turn such an about face in less than 2 years and go from the team that pays its staff so poorly, to the team that wants to be the next Boise St, this is heavenly.  Michael Freaking Dyer put up those kind of numbers against the best conference in the country and now wants to be the Ultra Super Star of the Sun Belt.  With Gus Freaking Malzahn running the show, and a well-seasoned Sun Belt QB in Ryan Aplin, could this truly be the beginning of domination for the Red Wolves?  Or is the beginning of a flash-in-the-pan, hooneymoon-stage romance that will fizzle in 3 years? 


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One Response to Astate Nation builds from Auburn

  1. Matt says:

    It starts on Sunday. Can’t expect to be the next BSU if you can’t beat NIU in your bowl game.

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