New Years Resolutions – BYU Style

New Years in an interesting thing.  For most of the past 6 weeks, we’ve been eating what we want, when we want because come January 2, we know we’re going to start losing that weight.  Everything that we see in ourselves as a possible fail through the previous year, we make a mental note to make a New Year’s Resolution and improve ourselves.

But you didn’t come here to read about what I need to improve.  I’m not here to share that.  What I want to hit on today is what are the things that the BYU football team saw as failures this past season and should be setting as resolutions for bettering themselves heading into the 2012 season.

The Quarterback Situation

Riley Nelson rightfully enters the offseason as the unquestioned leader and starter for this Cougar offense.  But that should allow him to finally rest on his laurels.  He needs to resolve to improve his accuracy, the tightness on his passes, develop a decent deep ball (Apo needs someone to throw to him), and not make those errors in judgment where panic overrides logic and common sense.


The coaching staff should resolve to do three things: improve the mental toughness of the team as well as itself, split Doman’s responsibilities, and help this team develop a cohesiveness of battling for one another for 60 minutes every game.

Utah and TCU were mental failures.  Both those games were winnable if the team had just played tough.

Doman improved as the season went along and should be able to develop a scheme that works well to Riley’s strengths as a QB but he needs help in the form of a full-time QB coach.  Ty Detmer anyone?

If this team needs a reminder of playing for each other they should just replay Matt Reynolds’ huge helmetless block to set up the Cougar touchdown at the end of the first half in the Bowl Game.

3 More Positions

Resolve to get the tight ends more fully invested.  Resolve to improve the secondary (that was improving but needs more).  And resolve to make the special teams special again.  Cody Hoffman and JD Falslev made it memorable by each returning kicks, but punter Riley Stephenson and kicker Justin Sorenson both need to be consistent weapons that the team can rely on.  Stephenson showed what he was capable of in the bowl game, but we need to see what set Sorenson apart from the rest while he played at Bingham High School


Resolve to keep finding those gems of games that can be played at LES and on the road in the month of November.  Tom Holmoe and the rest of the staff did a great job for 2011 and 2012 but let’s make 2013 even better.  Do I dare suggest a home-home-neutral set with Kansas for football and basketball?  And oh yeah, let’s keep the “realignment” talk to a minimum this year.

What other suggestions would you have for resolutions for your BYU Cougars?  Leave a comment and let’s talk it out.

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