25 Events to Watch for Until Football Returns

If you are like me, and I know many of you are, life sort of feels empty once the football season ends until it gets started back up again in the fall.  If that is you, then check out my list of must see events between today and leading right up to the start of fall camp.

National Signing Day                                      February 1

Check back throughout the day for all the news surrounding the recruits your team lands today.  Click here for BYU, Utah, Utah State, and Arkansas State.

Super Bowl XLVI                                               February 5

Whether you are rooting for the Giants or the Patriots (or just watching for the commercials) you can never go wrong with the three F’s – Food, Family (or friends), and Football.

NFL Combine                                                       February 22-28          

Tune in to see how the top prospects fare against one another and individually as they try to impress the pro scouts.

NBA Dunk Contest                                           February 25

Remember when Blake Griffin dunked over a Kia last year?  You’ll want to tune in to see what happens this year.  And hey, if Matt Harpring has his way, he’ll get Jeremy Evans in the contest and that will be interesting for Jazz fans.

NBA All-Star Game                                           February 26

Where else can you tune in and watch all the best of the NBA play in one game and have fun while doing it?  Oh yeah, the Olympics.  Well, this will be a tune up then.

NCAA Conference Tournaments           February 29 – March 10

Who will be this year’s Kemba Walker and lead his team on an unbelievable run?  Who will go Jimmer and drop a career high en route to the finals?  Who will finally get their ticket punched?

MLS Opening Day                                              March 10

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy soccer and it gets me through to doldrums of the spring and summer when football news is scarce.

NCAA Bracket Show                                        March 11

Check out the big reveal to find out just where your team will be playing in this year’s tournament.

March Madness                                                  March 13 – April 2

Brackets.  Endless brackets.  Long lunches on Thursday and Friday opening weekend.  It really doesn’t get any better than this.  The NCAA may fail on just about everything football related, but they sure nailed it 100% on this basketball tournament.

MLB Opening Day                                             April 4 – 5

Maybe you aren’t a soccer fan.  If not, check out baseball.  The boys of summer kick off and the Cardinals will look to defend without Albert Pujols.  Or maybe you just want to check in and see if the Red Sox have managed to right the ship.

The Masters                                                         April 5 – 8

This is THE golf event of the year.  The first Major.  Charl Schwartzel rallied to win the Masters last year in a crazy Sunday.

NFL Draft                                                               April 26 – April 28

Where will your favorite players go?  Who will your favorite team draft?  Those questions are all answered during a three day marathon so grab a big bowl of popcorn, get your nachos, and don’t forget your 44 oz Coke cuz this truly is a marathon.

NBA Playoffs                                                       Begin April 28

This year’s playoffs will be full of new teams that were able to withstand the rigors of this truncated NBA season and it could cause for some interesting storylines.

Kentucky Derby                                              May 5

I don’t give a flying flip about horse racing, but I almost always tune in to watch the Derby.  I mean, who can’t spare a few minutes to watch some little men ride horses for a few minutes?

Players Championship                              May 10 – 13

It’s not really a golf major, but it’s still a fun one to watch.  Plus, you really can’t argue with that 17th green.

US Open                                                                 June 14 -18

Last year Rory McIlroy won it with a memorable Sunday round.  Who will win this year?

Wimbledon                                                        June 25 – July 8

I’m even less of a tennis fan, but you can’t argue with what Novak Djokivic has been doing the past 12 months.

NBA Draft                                                            June 28

Not quite the elaborate marathon that the NFL draft is, it’s still fun to see how your favorite team drafts as it looks forward to the future of the team.

Tour de France                                               June 30 – July 22

It seems like every time you turn around some rider is accusing another rider of illegally doping.  But this is a summer classic.

The Big One for One Drop                       July 1

This is for all your poker fans.  If you like high stakes and charity, this is your tournament.  This has a $1,000,000 buy in (yes, you read that correctly.)  For every buy in, $111,111 will be donated to the One Drop Foundation.  Most recent confirmation of 22 players.  Winner could take home over $17,000,000 in cash and a bracelet.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest                       July 4

Admit it, you watch it.  You enjoy every last soggy hot dog bun and all the while you are doing one of two things: 1 – You’re thinking to yourself, “I could do that.” Or 2 – You’re busy wretching.  Either way, it’s enjoyable.

MLB All-Star Weekend                              July 9 – 10

The mid-summer classic that isn’t so exciting.  At least there’s the home run derby to look forward to.

The Open Championship                        July 19 – July 22

Last year Darrin Clarke won his first major in this tournament.  Who will win this year?

Summer Olympics                                       July 27 – August 12

If you can’t find something to get excited about in the summer Olympics, what’s wrong with you?  Michael Phelps.  USA Basketball.  Football (no, the other kind.) Usain Bolt.  And 24 other events.

NFL Hall of Fame Game                            Early August

The game hasn’t been set yet, but when it gets played, training camp for NFL and NCAA will be underway and the excitement will be near tangible.

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