BYU’s Hartsock: The Keystone of our Team

How can I say it any clearer?  How could’ve BYU shown it any more plainly last night?  Brandon Davies agrees:  “It definitely hurt us,” BYU center Brandon Davies said after BYU’s 74-63 loss. “We’re better with [Hartsock] in there.”  I think most Cougar fans would agree with that sentiment Captain Zero.  Davies, you especially like him in the game because he takes the pressure off many double teams you get.  And Hartsock is the kind of player you can find around the hoop to pass to.  We get it Davies, Hartsock is the transmission of this BYU Cougar team.  No matter how strong the engine, it doesn’t matter a lick if your transmission is broken.  Believe me, I’ve had to push a Suburban with a V8 motor out of traffic because the tranmission went all the way of the Hartsock.

Now I understand fully to be blindsided by Hartsocks mid-game sidelining is a hard thing to adjust to, especially at some suspect humane society called ‘The Kennel’.  And if Hartsock can’t play on this season effectively, it will be a boon to the Cougars.  But they will game plan differently.  Yet the glaring truth remains: after Noah’s departure last night, we saw multiple players try to step up and become the leader on the fly.  Matt Carlino, Brandon Davies and Charles Abouo tried to put this Cougar team on their back and failed.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but this year’s BYU team has won through team play, not riding the Jimmer Train.  They’ll need to regroup quickly if they want to do any damage in March Madness.

Tell me Cougar Nation: Have I over-hyped the importance of Hartsock?

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One Response to BYU’s Hartsock: The Keystone of our Team

  1. Matt says:

    I think the very fact that Noah had 24 points (I think) in Provo and the Cougars controlled that game the whole way combined with an insanely poor shooting night on Thursday without him yet we still kept it close proves he’s the heart and soul this year. I think Carlino and Davies will lead this team just fine next year, but neither was equipped to be in charge of the team this year. Side bar: it doesn’t matter whose team it is next year. If BYU can’t get a big man healthy enough to patrol the paint with Davies, he won’t get it done against the quality opponents on tap.

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