Road Trippin With the Cougars

Yesterday, BYU athletic director, Tom Holmoe announced that BYU would be playing on September 5, 2015 at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska against the Huskers.  For those of you keeping track, this is further proof that independence is indeed working well for the Cougars, but this isn’t a “told you so” type of post.  The announcement and subsequent twitter explosion got us thinking that this is one game we would really love to go so and then we delved deeper into the question, “If I could see one away game each season, which one would I see?”

Of course, there is nothing like LaVell Edwards Stadium.

We looked over the next few years schedules, courtesy of and came up with our BYU Cougars Football Away Game Bucket List for the next four seasons.  Here it goes:


2012 – Boise State     2013 – Notre Dame    2014 – Texas  2015 – Nebraska

2012: Boise State.  Why wouldn’t I choose Notre Dame or Georgia Tech?  Well, Notre Dame is on the schedule many more times beyond this season and I really just don’t care to go to Georgia for a football game.  Nothing against the area, the team, or anything, it just doesn’t excite me.  And who really wants to go to Rice-Eccles and be harassed by Ute fans for three hours?  That leaves Boise State, but let me be clear; this isn’t a default choice either.  BSU is an easy drive, a beautiful area, and quite honestly, I have family there, so it makes sense.  Plus, as Mark said in his ATI post yesterday, I would love to see Bronco Mendenhall and the Cougars exercise Gary’s Ghost at Bronco Stadium.


2013: Notre Dame.  So why Notre Dame in this season?  It is merely the top draw for me in 2013.  There are attractive road games in Houston and Spokane, Honolulu and Logan (okay, that was a little tongue-in-cheek), but with a very exciting home schedule that includes Texas, Georgia Tech, and Boise State, this would be the cherry on a great season schedule.



2014: Texas. Here is where I could look at GT, but again, the same cons come to play.  And I’m a bit of a Texas guy anyway (not the Longhorns per se, just the state.)  I’m a Cowboys fan and of the major college football teams, I’ve always enjoyed watching the Longhorns too.  Honestly, by this point I think BYU will be in the Big 12 so that means this trip would always be available, and if that ends up being the case, I’ll switch this to GT in a snap.  But who wouldn’t want to road trip to Austin, Texas?


2015: Nebraska.  Well, this is the game that got this whole conversation started isn’t it?  As a teenager, I had a buddy down the street who was an avid Huskers fan.  I’m not certain he’d ever stepped foot in Nebraska or how he came to be a Huskers fan, but it always caused me a certain amount of interest and as a student at Skyline High School in Salt Lake, it was easy to watch the Huskers in the mid-90s with their high-profile option attack.  Plus, there’s just something about the allure of Big Ten country to me.


2012 – Georgia Tech            2013 – Notre Dame    2014 – Texas  2015 – Southern Miss

2012- Georgia Tech- It’s closer to my home in Arkansas, so it’s more feasible to take my family.  It’s also in the heart of where I served my LDS mission, so the travel would serve multiple purposes, rather than just the game.  Having a tough road game later in the season could have more hype around it as well.


2013- Notre Dame- It’s simply one of the gems of college football.  It is a special place where any lover of the game should yearn to visit at least once in their lifetime.  And duh! Matt’s going to be there!   Who wouldn’t want to meet up with the AI Blog’s partner in crime?  He’s much more than a blog creator to me, we’ve been friends for nearly 20 years, and we don’t spend near enough time in person.  Visiting ND and having the Cougars win would be an awesome weekend for me and Matt.

2014- Texas- Gotta give the edge to Texas, mainly because it’s another one of those great collegiate football stadiums to visit in your lifetime.  I lived in Texas for 5 years growing up and yes, I was a Longhorn fan.  Talk about having to choose your loyalties.  I still cheer for Texas most of the time…just not against my Cougars.

2015- Southern Miss- I hate Nebraska; don’t have any desire to go watch a game in corn-land.  And Hawaii will never be practical.  So currently Southern Miss would be an easy road-trip for me, about 3 and a half hours.  But the jury would still be out on who else BYU can get on the schedule and where I’ll be living in 3 years.

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