Fan Perspective on the State of the Utah Jazz

Editor’s note: This post is from Steven Merrill, nephew to our Carl Behunin.  He and I have been discussing various topics today and ultimately settled on the Jazz and what they should do to improve their position by Thursday’s trade deadline.  The following is his post.

What are the best options for the Jazz at the trade deadline?  Well, it truly is a situational approach. The Jazz are in a prime position to make something for themselves in form of a trade, but the real conundrum is whether the best opportunity is now, or later.  The Jazz offense largely resembles the same system run by Jerry Sloan, and the system flows through the point guard. In basketball in general, but even more so in the Jazz system, the point guard is largely the quarterback. Every play flows through the point guard. The Jazz need a point guard, preferably an elite one, that can distribute the ball to the bigs in the pick and roll, can drive and dish out to our emerging shooting guards and small forwards, and can take the long range clutch shots when needed. Optimally, you would like a guy like Rajon Rondo, and he’s been one of the players mentioned in repeated trade rumors, though Danny Ainge has denied any interest in trading him. What the Jazz should be listening to are offers for their trade exception, draft picks, and expiring contracts such as CJ Miles and Josh Howard. Another one of the rumors in circulation would send Steve Nash to the Jazz for Miles or Howard, both make sense for the Jazz for a couple reasons. One, both Howard and Miles are in all likelihood done in Utah at the end of the season, so you’re not losing your future. Two, and the bigger reason, Steve Nash lets you become a contender now, while still affording you the ability to plan for the future. Take Nash, and draft a point guard this year, then much as Aaron Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre, the point guard can sit and learn from one of the greatest ever. Whomever they draft can take the needed time to mature and develop into a player ready to step in and lead the team into the future. The Jazz need to make a trade to make this team a contender now and in the future, however, they can not do it at the expense of the future.

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One Response to Fan Perspective on the State of the Utah Jazz

  1. Matt says:

    I completely agree. In this system, you need a solid PG who isn’t worried about scoring first. There is nothing wrong with that mindset in a PG; its just wrong for this system. The Suns would never part with Nash, but that would be a great situation to bring him in for a few years and get Damian Lillard from Weber to learn behind him while he learns Corbin’s system. Nice take Steven.

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