BYU Game 3 Team Preview: Dying Rivalry?

You could write so many things about the hated rival to the north, but it may be the questions that don’t get answered that may be more telling for the Utes of Utah.  There’s so much we do know about Utah; Jordan Wynn will be Jordan Wynn, the offense will wear opponents out, and the defense will take offenses out.  Yet for all their strengths, the coaching staff may be more strenuous to bring along than the team itself.

Offense – Kyle Whittingham will have to be the biggest cheerleader to first time offensive coordinator, Brian Johnson.  Cougar fans know the learning curve and growing pains of a new OC.  It will definitely be important for Brian Johnson to get the offense firing consistently on all cylinders.  Like it or not, running back John White is the engine of this offense.  Can he help Johnson develop a more balanced attack or will it be another year of 50 carries/game for the Utes?

Defense – The Utes look tough again.  Their weakest area is the linebacking corp, but that’s only because they’re unproven.  Truly, Utah is reloading at the LB position rather than rebuilding.  Otherwise, lots of returning starters and a solid defensive line and secondary.

How does Coach Whit handle his new harem of coaches?  Coaches are the cornerstone to any team, so how strong will that base of coaching be? That’s the biggest question looming out of the Utah camp for this fall.

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