BYU Game 4 Team Preview: Dude Where’s Kellen?

Will anyone, including BYU, be chomping at the bit to get a piece of the Kellen-less Broncos? Might be asking for too much. Even without Kellen, Chris Petersen isn’t going to let Boise State just roll over in to mediocrity. Nevertheless, he will be replacing the winningest QB in college football history. Boise and Petersen have done it before. After Jared Zabransky graduated, Petersen found Taylor Tharp to play the lead position. That resulted in Petersen’s worst record in 6 years, 10-3. Not too bad if you ask me.

Offense – Behold, the specimens to take over the coveted QB position: Joe Southwick, Grant Hedrick, Nick Patti and Jimmy Laughrea. Southwick seems the defacto starter even though nobody has it officially. He’s been through the system from the sidelines. However, Laughrea has the best arm out of the quartet. As if being promoted to starting QB isn’t a tough enough job, the winner will be throwing and handing off as well to first time starters. Boise is well-enough established, however, these new guys will just need to build game time in order to gel together as a unit.

Defense – Boise needs to replace a defensive line hit hard by graduation. The starting front four and the top backup on the line are gone. Senior J.C. Percy is the only veteran returning from last year’s linebacking corps. Additionally, two safeties will need to be replaced. Will this Bronco team have enough time to mesh by the time week 4 rolls around?

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