The Dog and Deuce Show

On Tuesday evening, May 15, Carl and I had the opportunity to try our hand at podcasting at the invitation of Dog and Deuce on their podcast, The Dog and Deuce Show.  They are a couple of die-hard Ute fans who happen to have some reasonable heads on their shoulders and don’t get caught up in the rivalry hatred.  I’ve been talking with them on Twitter for some time now and have become a regular listener of their weekly podcast.  We’ve even collaborated on few academically ineligible features to discuss the Utah Jazz on our Ask the Ineligibles page.

On the podcast we discussed several topics including what happened to the Jazz in the playoffs and what we expect going forward.  We touch on the precarious state of the LA Lakers.  Then we delve into the never-ending discussion of college football conference realignment and end with a lively debate about BYU and whether they need to be in a conference or not.  Check out the episode here.  They’ve got the full show notes up on their page including how to contact them.

Thanks again to Dog and Deuce for inviting us on their podcast.  I know we both had a lot of fun and can’t wait to record another episode of The Dog and Deuce Show.

As a side note, if you don’t have iTunes, don’t like iTunes, or for any other reason don’t use iTunes, I found a really great app from the app store for downloading and storing podcasts automatically.  It is called Instacast.  You can download it here.

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