BYU Player Profile – Riley Nelson

   Riley Nelson

   Position: Quarterback

   Class: Senior

   Height: 6’0″  Weight: 196

   Hometown: Logan, Utah

This kid epitomizes the children’s story of the Little Engine That Could.  Logan area hero, shuns the bigger draws in Utah and BYU to play for the hometown Aggies, then changes his mind as a missionary in Barcelona, Spain only to end up in Provo.  He backed up Max Hall and seemed primed to take over after Hall would graduate only to see freshman wunderkinds Jake Heaps come in an ruin his plans.  Heaps became an instant celebrity and fans were enamored by his near celebrity status and Nelson was forced to the shadows, especially after his season ending shoulder injury in 2010.  Nelson continued to do what he could for the team and ultimately played the role of rescuer after Heaps couldn’t muddle his way through a bog.  Now he enters his senior season as the unquestioned starter for the first time in four seasons at BYU and he is poised to follow in the footsteps of previously successful returning senior quarterbacks at BYU.  I’m expecting big things from him this season as offensive coordinator Brandon Doman will have had an entire off-season to tailor-make an offense built to Nelson’s strengths as well as a year of maturity in his play-calling.  And hey, if it doesn’t work out, well, he’s got a future as an actor.  If you haven’t seen his BYUTV commercial, click on it here.

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