BYU Game 10 Preview- Akee Breaky Vandals

Is there any reason for BYU to fear the Idaho Vandals? I can’t really think of any other than the Vandals may look to win a signature game. The Vandals were terrible last year, especially offensively. Idaho was either last or dead last in the WAC in scoring offense, passing offense, total offense, kick returns, passing defense, total defense, and third down conversions. What will the woeful Vandals do for an encore?

Whatever the encore is, it better be something on the offensive side of the ball. And head coach David Akee hopes it will happen early and often this year. If they have any shot at winning games will start from the quarterback spot. At last report, two quarterbacks, Juniors Taylor Davis and Dominique Blackman, will head into the fall camp with an equal shot at earning the starting nod. Davis has more game experience, while Blackman is taller and has a bigger arm. They’ll be guarded by an offensive line than should be better than last season as they do have a small nucleus of experience returning.

Defensively, the Vandals are formidable. Last season’s stats were probably a bit skewed by the dearth of offense and its inability to stay on the field and get the defense adequate rest breaks. Getting a bit more offense means more chances for the defense to make plays and keep them in the game. S Gary Walker and LB Conrad Scheidt are the leaders of the defense this season. It’s like a poor man’s version of LSU last season. Unfortunately, Idaho will need to score on offense in order to win games.

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