Utah Championship


My birthday is on August 6, less than two weeks away.  But before you all start wishing me a happy birthday, I’m not writing this to solicit any well-wishers or condolences but rather to tell a quick back story.  On July 7th my wife got home from grocery shopping and asked me if I’d like an early birthday present.  Well, you can’t say no, so I excitedly answered yes.  As I opened it, she told me how she’d been toying with getting this for me for a month now and finally decided that she should.  Inside was 2 passes to each day of the Utah PGA Championship that would be played the next week.  They were VIP passes that included a free catered meal and snacks and drinks for the whole tournament.

I spent most of the afternoon on opening day as my buddy and I followed Josh Broadaway and his trio.  I knew nothing of any of the players in the field but found out later that Broadaway grips the club cross-handed (his glove hand is down), hits right-handed, and putts left-handed.  He’s typically only just a few strokes out of getting his PGA card every year.  Of his Thursday/Friday playing group, he’s the only one who made it to the weekend and by chance, another buddy and I found him in a new trio on Saturday.  (Side note: he happened to be playing with Len Mattiace who lost in a playoff hold to Mike Weir in the 2003 Masters.)  We ended up following Josh’s group again for the whole of Saturday.

I’d never done anything like this but I have to say I had a lot of fun just hanging with buddies, watching golf, being outdoors, missing work, and just enjoying myself immensely.  Here are some pictures from the Championship.





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