New Cougar Fan Challenge

I just signed up on for a free BYU football pick’em game called the “Football Challenge”.  I’ve also created a group for us to compete against each other!

To sign up for the game, go to:

and follow the steps.  You’ll need to first sign up as a CougarFan member (don’t worry, it’s free), then you can
join the game.

Once you have made your picks, there will be a link on your Football Challenge menu to “join a group”.  Click on
that link and find our group.

You’ll need to know the following information:

Group name is:     The Academically Ineligibles
Password is:     BYUonAI

Sign up and let your friends and family know.  Its open to everyone.  Just leave a comment here or message us on Twitter with the hashtag #AISportsCougarFanChallenge to let us know you are signed up.

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One Response to New Cougar Fan Challenge

  1. spencer hancock says:

    dude, I signed up for the challenge. I’m ready to get smoked.

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