Dog and Deuce Round II

As you all should know by now I became a huge fan of Dog and Deuce over a year ago.  I was surprised a bit as they are Ute fans and while they address sports as a whole, their slant on local athletics leans ever so slightly to the Crimson.  But as I have listened over the last year, they are fair, open-minded, and above all, true gentlemen in the world of podcasting and as I told them, they are probably the leading factor why I’ve delved even more into soccer than I ever have in the past.

But I digress.  Last week they graciously invited us back on the podcast to have the honor to discuss the Blue and the Red in great detail prior to this week’s kickoff.  We had a ton of fun doing it once again.  The show ran really long, but can you really expect passionate sports fans to dissect their respective teams any quicker than we did?  Just to give you some mileposts to follow if you only want to listen to certain segments (why would you not want to listen to the whole thing is beyond me – its wildly entertaining.

0:00 – We just right in on BYU football 2012 and discuss Riley Nelson, the running back situation, can Brandon Doman improve in 2012, and the defense.

34:45 – We begin the breakdown of the Cougar schedule in 2012 (but we leave the rivalry game on hold for later)

57:45 – We transition to the Utes where we discuss the quarterback situation, the hiring of and potential for 1st year offensive coordinator Brian Johnson, and the rest of the team.

1:25:00 – We finally jump into the rivalry game and how we think it will play out.  This by far was my favorite segment and while you think you may know how it went down, I think you’ll be surprised to hear how we end up on this point of the discussion.

1:39:40 – We finally get to the Aggies of Utah State and discuss how we feel their season will play out and we’re pretty optimistic that they can win at least 8 games this season.

Overall, it was a fun podcast to record and Dog will have video up online as well.  You can find the show by clicking to the Dog and Deuce website or by checking it out on iTunes.  I told you this last time though, I’m an avid user of Instacast.  It is only $1.99 and I found it much more user-friendly than iTunes.  And do me (and the D&D boys) a huge favor, leave them a rating or review when you go to iTunes.  It will help them out so much.

Thanks again to Allen and James, the names behind the legend of Dog and Deuce.

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