Game 2 Preview- Double Your Pleasure with WSU *2

I get so confused when BYU plays two WSU’s in back to back weeks.  After course correction, this week’s foe is the Weber State Wildcats.

The Head Coach: Bronco Mendenhall vs. Jody Sears

Sorry to say here, but Bronco is like the old dependable Engergizer Bunny.  Meanwhile, Jody Sears was thrown into a position he was probably two years away from being ready for.  After the departure John L Smith to Arkansas, Weber St scrambled to find a suitable replacement, which happened to be Sears at the defensive coordinator slot.  He does have 20 years of position coaching experience, most recently at BYU’s week 1 opponent Washington State.  But this is his first year at the helm of any team.

The Offense: Brandon Doman vs.  Matt Hammer

Your playmakers for Weber St start at quarterback with Mike Hoke, who proved he earned the starting job during his week 1 display.  He went 25-32 for 202 yards with a touchdown and interception.  He also ran the ball 12 times for 34 yards; the leading rusher for the Wildcats.  9 of those completions were part of a career high total that went to receiver Jordan Clemente, while the touchdown went to Shayden Kehano.  Not having a balanced offense does not bode well for any BYU opponent . . . just ask Washington State.

Defense- Bronco Mendenhall vs. Jody Sears

The Wildcat defense gave up some yards to Fresno State in week 1.  515 to be precise.  Worse, they didn’t force any turnovers while Weber turned it over once (which led to 7 Bulldog points).  Tackling is good and all, but at some point you have to start forcing the issue.  It will need to be a bit different this week.  Even still, I’m not sure they have enough skill guys or overall talent to compete at all phases with the BYU offense.  Luke King and Willie Okwuonu were the best players defensively against Fresno St.  They each accounted for 9 total tackles.

Coach Sears told the press earlier this week that their defensive schemes will center around keeping Riley Nelson contained or mitigating his run threat.  Naturally, Sears, as with most other coaches, will make sure Nelson beats defenses with his arm rather than his feet.

Quote to note from Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator Jody Sears regarding BYU’s talent:

“I think they’re really good. I think they’re extremely well-coached like always. I think they are very disciplined. They’re extremely sound offensively and defensively and special teams. They play extremely hard. When I look at them, I see a physical, tough, very well-coached football team. The talent speaks for itself.

“They’ve got plenty of talent to play with anybody in the country. I think it’s awesome for us to go and find out where we are. They’re a really good football team. They’ve got some tremendous athletes.”

That’s correct Coach Sears, BYU does have some good athletes and talent compared next to your team.  And your Wildcats should have their second loss come Saturday.

BYU-48 Weber St-17

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