Game Balls from Utah

Offense: Cody Hoffman.  Not only is he this week’s choice; he’s the only choice.  You could make an attempt for Michael Alisa or Jamaal Williams, but Hoff pulled in 8 catches for 120 yards and a score.  In an offense that looked very pedestrian this week, Hoffman was a lone bright star.

Defense: This is a bit of a cop out, but the whole defense gets this.  BYU allowed fewer than 250 total yards (49 on the ground).  No rushing TDs.  They put constant pressure on Jon Hays, hitting him repeatedly. Congrats to Kyle Van Noy who was named the College Football Performance Awards National Linebacker of the week.

Special Teams: There wasn’t much special going on here this week.  I’m saddened really that a punter is the lone bright spot for the third week in a row logging 7 total punts for 300 yards.  Riley Stephenson dropped 4 inside the 20 including one that ended on the 1.

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