Game Balls from Hawaii

Offense: Jamaal Williams. I almost drew another multi-party here with quarterback Taysom Hill, but he did what I expected he would do.  Williams came from nowhere and proved that he was every bit as advertised – elusive, quick, and very football savvy.  15 carries for 155 yards and 2 scores with a 10.3 YPC.  And he added 2 receptions for another 30 yards.

Defense: Kyle Van Noy.  3 tackles, 2 sacks, and just created havoc all over the backfield. Equally impressive was Ziggy Ansah, but this week the game ball goes to Kyle Van Noy.

Special Teams: Riley Stephenson. It’s a good thing when your punter has the fewest punts he’s had in a single game since the opener.  The punter had three punts for 148 yards, a 49.3 yards/kick average with a long bomb of 61 yards.

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