Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Preview Through the Eyes of an Insider

In addition to the weekly previews that we’ll do to showcase the Cougars match up that week we are going to provide you with an “insider” perspective as well. Each week we’ll ask questions of a blogger for BYU’s opponent that week and post their answers as a post for you to read. We’ll give you some background info and link you to their own site so you can read all the good stuff they are doing while supporting their own teams.

Matt Mills is a manager for From the Rumble Seat on the SBNation network.

Week 8 – Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

 Blog: From the Rumble Seat

Respondant: Matt Mills

Academically Ineligible: What have been some of the obstacles facing Georgia Tech this season?

Matt Mills: You mean besides firing our defensive coordinator in the middle of the season? Our main problems are certainly on the defensive and special teams’ side. We have had a terrible time executing on defense, from missed tackles to blown coverage, and do not have the talent level we are used to, and it has not worked out so well. On Special Teams, we just can’t make a kick. It is pretty frustrating at this point.

AI: How have Yellow Jacket fans adjusted to the option offense?

MM: I think the fan base enjoys it a lot. Our offense has never really been an issue. There are always those fans that are nay-sayers because it’s not a “real” offense, but they haven’t really looked at the results. It is an incredibly exciting offense to watch when it is going at full speed, and most of the fans I talk to are glad we have the option. It definitely helps give us an identity, which I think most fans like.

AI: What can BYU’s offense expect to see from Georgia Tech’s defense?

MM: A lot of base 3-4 stuff. We just fired Al Groh and one of the issues was players not executing the tough schemes and reads Groh instituted. We really only have one good pass rusher, Jeremiah Attaochu (#45), and we have to use blitzes and stunts to generate any sort of pass rush without him. We will keep everything in front of us, or at least try to, and force you to drive down the field. Unfortunately the interior of our defense gets no push, so opposing teams can generally do it.

AI: According to you and the fans, how do you feel about Paul Johnson?

MM: I really like Coach Paul Johnson. I think he is a perfect fit for this school. He graduates players, he has had only 1 (B.S.) violation and 1 minor recruiting violation, and he is a good coach who wins games. I think I might be on the high end of people who like him being our coach, but all in all we are happy to have him.

AI: Atlanta is a very nice city.  What’s one place tourists must see if they come to Atlanta?

MM: The Centennial Olympic Park in the heart of Downtown is a great place to go. The World of Coke and The Georgia Aquarium are all next to the park, as well as the CNN Center. If you are looking for some grub then I have to recommend Fat Matt’s. The best BBQ in Atlanta with live Jazz every night. Piedmont Park is also a great place to walk around on a beautiful fall day.

AI: Give our readers what you expect from the game and a prediction.

MM: BYU’s defense scares me, and I still don’t trust our defense. Our offense won’t be able to score on every possession and at least one special teams gaff will cost us. I see us losing 31-21.

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