Jazz Storyline: Team Will be Better

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a loyal LockedonSports follower.  I think what David Locke is doing with his podcasts and bringing the players to the fans is a great thing.  His new Storyline series I think it going to be excellent.  They got me thinking though how I would answer some of these questions were Locke to ask me so I am going to utilize his questions to the team to keep in touch with the Jazz team on a personal level.

The Jazz will be better than people realize, because . . . ?

For the two reasons I have already stated, namely defense and a new offensive mindset.  But a third, and I think just as relevant, reason is that the team is not expected to challenge in the top half of the playoff pecking order and because of this semi-dismissal, they will be sneaky and win games they shouldn’t.  The James Harden trade weakens the Thunder by several games, the Lakers will take time to gel (they’re already 0-2), and the Spurs should just coast along and win when they need to.  The top three spots are all but assured, but the games these three leave on the table on some nights are there for the taking and since the Jazz have been sort of written off and dismissed, I feel they will be overlooked on some nights and pick up wins they don’t have any business winning.

And a fourth reason, you can’t prepare for this team.  Any given night it could be one of seven guys who leads this team and how do you prepare for that?  You can game plan to stop Al Jefferson and Marvin Williams, but you can’t account for Enes Kanter dropping a solid double double on your guys.  And that is just one example.  This team will be better than expected because they will truly embrace the “team” before the “I” all season long.

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