Jazz Storyline: Defense

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a loyal LockedonSports follower.  I think what David Locke is doing with his podcasts and bringing the players to the fans is a great thing.  His new Storyline series I think it going to be excellent.  They got me thinking though how I would answer some of these questions were Locke to ask me so I am going to utilize his questions to the team to keep in touch with the Jazz team on a personal level.

The Jazz will be better defensively, because . . . ?

Two reasons:

1 – Because they are committed to it.  Ty Corbin wanted to instill defense in this team last season but due to the truncated season, he chose to focus the team on offense and the team was very successful offensively, but suffered on the other end of the floor.  This season, they have focused on defense and playing with and for each other and the team is showing a commitment to playing tough without falling on the foul.

2 – Because they have a new veteran presence that is strong defensively and tough as nails with on-man defense.  They will be a better perimeter defensive team and will force the action away from the middle of the floor more, forcing more mid-range jump shots from angles and baseline.

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