Jazz Storyline: What is Going on Offensively

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a loyal LockedonSports follower.  I think what David Locke is doing with his podcasts and bringing the players to the fans is a great thing.  His new Storyline series I think it going to be excellent.  They got me thinking though how I would answer some of these questions were Locke to ask me so I am going to utilize his questions to the team to keep in touch with the Jazz team on a personal level.

What is the Jazz trying to do offensively?

Based solely on snippets of preseason basketball that I’ve watched, what I’ve seen the Jazz trying to do this season is set up several options for getting into the offense.  First, upon a rebound, the team is taking off to the other end of the floor and the rebounder is either making a quick outlet pass or taking the ball down the floor himself.  This is different than in years past because the point guard would typically circle back into the front court post-rebound to collect the ball and then he’d take it up the floor. Now the outlet can go to any guy who is already headed up the floor making for a quick transition into the opposing team’s half court forcing quicker buckets for the Jazz.

Second option is to pull it back out if the quick transition doesn’t work and set up the half court and look for a low post option to Al Jefferson.  But what works really well here is the team added these shooters in Mo Williams, Marvin Williams, and Randy Foye that will keep opposing defenses from collapsing on Jefferson in the low post which will allow him to do work in the post.

If the Jazz can be balanced on offense in the inside and perimeter game, watch for the Jazz to make some serious noise this season.

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