University of Utah Football Roundtable – Recruiting

We wanted to try something a little different as this off-season is getting underway.  We asked ten questions of some of our most loyal Ute fans about the state of the Utah football program as well as what they say in 2012 and hope to see in 2013.

Many of you who follow this blog will know our good friends of the blog Dog and Deuce already.  But there are a few new faces.  Kyle Ariotti and Matt Coleman are co-workers of mine. Dave Richards is a long time friend and his brother Rob and I have had many spirited debates about BYU and Utah sports.  But most importantly, each is a dedicated and passionate Utah football fan.

We will post one question with each response every day for the next ten weekdays.  Make sure to check in every day to get your University of Utah Utes update from our roundtable of Utah loyalists.

Utes Logo5. Has recruiting improved as a member of the PAC 12?  If not, do you see it improving?

Matt Coleman – Recruiting has GREATLY improved.  Even in their first year after a mediocre 7-5 season Utah was able to pull in a top 30 class and they were able to get players that would not have signed with them had they not been in the PAC.  Also, this year they have picked up some good recruits and have beaten many other BCS schools for some of those recruits. If they can pull in another top 30 class I believe they will see significant improvement the next few years.

Allen “Dog” Martindale – I would say it has improved for the most part (with a few exceptions) but without good coaching and a good system in place, recruiting won’t make a whole lot of difference.  This team has more speed, strength and talent than it has in recent years, but those assets aren’t being utilized properly.  And more than anything, the improved talent that the Utes have picked up has really only leveled the playing field in this league.  It hasn’t improved to the point that it is better than other teams in the conference.

Dave Richards – It has and will continue to get better for all the kids in state and a large increase from California and other football breeding states.

Kyle Ariotti – Recruiting has definitely improved. We have a bunch of young talent coming in and they just need to get the college game down. I don’t think we will ever be in the top tier for PAC 12 recruiting but we have a chance to get those solid recruits to help us out.

Rob Richards – Absolutely and it will continue to help.

James “Deuce” Dyer – This is a tough question only two years into it, but I would have to say YES.  The talent level has been upgraded from starters to backups the real question becomes can the Utes use the talent they have in a system that allows the play makers to make plays.

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