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AnaeBYU announced last week that former Offensive Coordinator Robert Anae will be replacing Brandon Doman.  What does this mean to Cougar Nation going forward?  Robert Anae replaces Brandon Doman’s chronically-busted offense with a passing scheme that was ranked 6th nationally three times under purview. Before looking forward to what Anae can do with the remaining pieces of Doman’s offense, I read some interesting comments from BYU fans in 2010.  The Deseret Morning News posted an article discussing Anae’s “resignation”.  Here are a few interesting comments:

Bring on Doman and Detmer!

I hope Cougar fans will be ready for an inexperienced OC. Anae made some dumb calls, but Norm Chow did too. And whoever comes next will as well. I hope things work out for Coach Anae and for the Cougars.

This has to be the most unpredictable call of Robert Anae’s career.

Let the era of a Doman coached offense begin!

It’s a great time to be a Cougar fan!

In Doman’s two years, BYU’s offense dropped statistically in every relevant category except quarterback rushing yards.  After being unable to build an offense that five-star recruit Jake Heaps could grasp, Heaps promptly transferred.  Doman began grooming Riley Nelson to be the next Brandon Doman at BYU and the rest is history.  As for Anae he spent two seasons in Arizona, first under Mike Stoops and then on Rich Rodriguez’s highly ranked offensive staff.  At BYU he helped build BYU’s top two rushers of all time (Harvey Unga and Curtis Brown) the program’s top wide receiver in yards, catches and touchdowns (Austin Collie) and the No. 1 receiving yards tight end in college football history (Dennis Pitta.)  Anae sent two QB’s to the NFL (John Beck and Max Hall) and lead Jake Heaps to a New Mexico Bowl MVP while breaking every notable BYU Freshman quarterback record.

The rehire of Anae can be looked at a couple different ways.  Bronco dramatically upgraded his coaching staff at a time when it had to happen.  Rehiring Anae had to come with a little egg on Bronco’s face, but to BYU fans who feel Bronco is stubborn and sometimes sticks to his guns even when it is detrimental to the program, this is a great move.  The case can be made that Bronco has two names in his head coaching Rolodex, Brandon Doman and Robert Anae, but improvement is improvement.  As for BYU Nation, there is no doubt that there will be those who call Anae’s offense predictable, especially against better teams.  It’s interesting how fans who watch a play live, then replay, then home again on DVR tend to start recognizing a coach’s schemes.

In my opinion, if creating a top nationally ranked offense while building record-breaking skill position players comes with fewer screen passes and more I Formation (we’ve seen the alternative,) it is good to have Anae back.

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