BYU Football Roundtable – Impacting 2013

We wanted to try something a little different as this off-season is getting underway.  We asked ten questions of some of our Cougar contributors about the state of the BYU football program as well as what they say in 2012 and hope to see in 2013.

This group will be familiar to many of you, but just in case you need a refresher, here it is: Matt Quinney, Carl Behunin, Mike Livingston, Don MacArthur, and new-comer Scott Gower.

We will post one question with each response every day for the next ten weekdays.  Make sure to check in every day to get your BYU Cougars update from our roundtable of Cougar faithful.

BYU LOGO9.  Other than quarterback, what is the most impactful position the team needs to fill with a new face in 2013?

And who will be the quarterback in 2013?

Carl Behunin:

HoffmanI’ll go with wide receiver.  Cody Hoffman accounted for more than one third of the passing production in 2012.  I still have a ton of belief in Apo, but until he starts believing in himself, plus the lack of a clear leader in this group, makes this an important spot to fill in 2013.

I don’t really care if it’s Taysom Hill, Ammon Olsen, or any other, as long as we get back to pass first.  Do not make the same mistake three times Bronco. Let whomever you want to compete in spring practice compete and then pick the best quarterback, not the biggest heart.  Hill and Olsen are currently my top 2 choices.

Don MacArthur:

HillPick a spot on the defensive line . . . there are a lot of holes to fill there. We also need to cut off some of the dead wood at tight end and find someone who can step up and play like a Cougar tight end.

Taysom Hill will be the quarterback.

Matt Quinney:

PikulaI would say linebacker.  Why? Because three of the four starters from 2012 played their last game on December 20.  The linebackers were obviously the heart and soul of the defense this year and it will be hard to replace so much productivity at once.

I expect Taysom Hill will be the starter at Virginia in 2013.

Mike Livingston:

Spencer HadleyLinebacker and defensive line will be depleted next year.  Its hard especially for BYU to go find other Kyle Van Noy/ Uona Kavienga types.  I’d love to see Bronco push hard recruiting-wise to bring athletes into his defense. The only difference between his defenses in the past and 2012 are the athletes.

Taysom Hill will be the starter.

Scott Gower:

Alani FuaBecause BYU is losing two senior inside linebackers, how the replacements perform will play a pretty big role in how close the 2013 defense will be to the 2012 defense.

Taysom Hill will be the BYU’s 2013 quarterback, and he will be ready for spring camp. He’ll need that camp and all of the summer to improvement his comfort with the system and with the receivers.

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