ATI 2013.04.1 – More Football

Ask the Ineligibles

AnaeWe’ve had a month to digest the offensive coordinator change at BYU. Given the recruiting news and the coaching changes how optimistic are you about the 2013 football season?

Carl: Unchanged from last month.  I still think an eight win season for 2013 is acceptable and that Cody Hoffman and Kyle Van Noy staying for their senior years while Riley Nelson graduates will do more for BYU in the short-term than any coaching changes.

Matt: In our roundtable series, I mentioned that I thought seven wins would be a successful campaign for this team.  I don’t believe that anymore.  Anae brings stability and consistency. He eliminates any backtalk and dissention from his staff; it will, after all, be his staff.  Returning Cody Hoffman and Kyle Van Noy are huge plusses.  The schedule is all but final now and where I thought Utah and Boise State might be swing games, I am almost ready to pencil them in as wins.  Of course, that leaves Texas and Utah State as games I marked as losses.  Texas is still a toss up to me and I haven’t decided enough on that to change my prediction yet, but the loss of Gary Anderson is a staggering blow to the Aggies and that game now comes back BYU’s way.  Wisconsin will still be a tough place to play but losing their coach to Arkansas brings in the element of change that could move the needle BYU’s way as the game draws near.  The same can be said of Notre Dame with Manti Te’o heading to the pros.  For now, I leave BYU on the side of a loss.  As I total this up, I think nine wins should be a reasonable goal to benchmark a successful 2013 campaign.

Scott: Very optimistic. I think the defense may take a step back, but I don’t think it is a big step. Offensively, there is a lot to be excited about. BYU will have all the skill position players back: Cody Hoffman, Ross Apo, JD Falslev, Jamaal Williams, Mike Alisa, Taysom Hill, and all of the tight ends. The staff seems to have done a good job recruiting for the offensive line, which I think was maybe the biggest problem on offense last season. Additionally, I am much more confident in Robert Anae and Garrett Tujague’s ability to coach the old and new offensive line talent at BYU. I believe the offense will show significant improvement from the last two seasons, and BYU will win some big games in 2013.

ARodDoes Aaron Roderick turning down BYU say more about ARod or BYU?

Carl: I don’t have enough information to give an opinion on this.  But if I were wanting to make a career in coaching, BYU wouldn’t be a stop I’d make along the way.  It’s for a certain breed of coach.  Especially the way things are being handled at BYU currently, I can think of better coaching situations to be in.

Matt: I truly don’t think it says anything more or less about either party.  It just says that BYU’s offer was not tempting enough to lure Roderick away from what he has at the U.  It doesn’t make me think differently of him than I did before.  If he wasn’t sold on doing it BYU’s way, then we didn’t want him anyway.  I wish him the best of luck on the Hill.

Scott: It definitely says more about Roderick. He’s flaky. Ute fans better hope his feelings don’t get hurt again, or he might leave Utah for two or three full days next time.

DetmerThe quarterback and wide receiver coaching positions remain vacant.

a) Who would be your dream candidate to fill those vacancies?

Carl: For quarterback coach, I’d take Detmer or Bosco.  For wide receiver coach, I’d take any one of the Bellini brothers, Austin Collie, or K.O. Kealaluhi.

Matt: Is Ben Cahoon still available?  What about Ty Detmer?

Scott: Ty Detmer for QBs coach, and Austin Collie for WRs coach. Yes, it is a dream.

 b) Who do you think will actually fill those spots?

Carl: That’s a question I refuse to answer.  If there’s anything we know about BYU is the uncertainty of any decision.  However, expect the new coaches to have some tie-in with Anae.  He wants dependability and to go with guys he can trust.

Matt: To be honest, I think both the guys I mentioned before (Detmer and Cahoon) fill the spots.  Detmer seems to be primed for it and who else is there better to coach the receivers than the guy who is maximizing the talent potential in the group already?

Scott: I think Max Hall will end up as the QBs coach, but WRs coach is another question all together. I was happy with Ben Cahoon, but I can’t fault Anae for wanting to pick his own staff. If I had to guess, I’d say the WRs coach position will be filled Southern Utah’s Paul Peterson. It should make for an exciting staff. Not as exciting as it would with Detmer and Collie (any Collie), but it should still be exciting.

CahoonOf the coaches Anae has released who do you think should have remained?

Carl: Ben Cahoon.  Although there’s probably something either between the two of them, the new feeling of BYU, or something that essentially gave the feeling to Cahoon to exit.  He was actually one coach I thought was doing a satisfactory job.  It’s hard to make wide receivers look productive with Mr. NoodleArmILikeToRunAlot attempting to throw to you. Honorable mention goes to Joe Dupaix.  How did he get so much out of Jamaal Williams?  The former Navy RB coach really does know how to coach runners.

Matt: I’m going to sound like a broken record, but Ben Cahoon should have stayed.  I also wish Joe DuPaix had remained.  I think both were bright young coaches making waves in the coaching at BYU and they were both marching towards becoming so much more than just position coaches.

Scott: Ben Cahoon. The wide receivers made solid improvements every year he was here. Cahoon was just a victim of not being the guy the new offensive coordinator wanted. His performance as a WRs coach wasn’t responsible for his departure.

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