Utah Jazz Midseason Roundtable: Ty Corbin

Jazz Logo IIIIts time for a mid-season check-in with your Utah Jazz and there isn’t any better way to do this than to get the voices your know best in the market to help analyze how they are doing.  We’re grateful to have linked up with Amar, Clark, Diana, and Jon from SLC Dunk, Grant from Torn By Sports, Allen and James from The Dog and Deuce Show, and of course Mike and Matt weigh in as well.  If you haven’t been reading SLC Dunk or TBS or listening to D&D, you really need to check them out.

4. Kurt Kragthorpe recently wrote about Ty Corbin as he approaches evening his overall coaching record to .500.  Jazz nation is divided on the subject of Ty Corbin with those who think he is the worst decision ever to full-supportive of the coach.  Where do you fit in the Ty Corbin spectrum?

Head Coach Ty Corbin

Head Coach Ty Corbin

Amar: I think that all new coaches start off at 5 out of 10. As they coach more and more seasons they can either rise or fall. And furthermore, you can see what their limits are. At the beginning of the season I felt like Ty went down to 4.5 out of 10, but he’s about a 5 again right now, if not slightly higher. He doesn’t hurt the team. I think he has the capability to be a 7/10 in the future; which is really good, since on my scale very few are truly great coaches. So I think Ty can be good, but right now is improving slowly. He’s not good now, but he doesn’t hurt the team.

Clark: I’d guess I’m right smack dab in the middle of the spectrum.  I think Tyrone Corbin is an average coach in the NBA with potential to get much better.  I’ve never called for his job and am certainly willing to give him some more time to show his mettle.  Jazz fans love to call for his job and have other options in mind, and hypothetically all of those other options are obviously better.  But as the Lakers have shown us this season, you can also get much worse when you change coaches and I think that’s a possibility if Corbin were fired.  I think Jazz fans would be wise to wait this one out.  He should especially get a chance to coach the youngsters for a season as the main pieces.

Deuce: Last year I was critical of Coach Corbin for not being able to make in-game adjustments and not stop his team with timeouts, etc. But I have to admit, I think he has grown significantly from last year to this year and I hope he continues to grow. The main question is, can he control the locker room? With the fan base wanting to see Favors, Burks and Kanter get more minutes, and Jefferson/Millsap Free Agents at the end of the year, he has big decisions to make. Not only for the remainder of the year but for the direction of the franchise for years to come. I see the Jazz being proactive before the trade deadline but the question is whether or not they can find any suitors for Millsap or Jefferson?

Diana: I am not a Ty supporter. I don’t think it was the Jazz’s worst decision but I don’t think it was their best decision either. I feel like Ty is in over his head. I don’t like that Ty got a three year contract before he even proved himself. By giving Ty a three year contract the Jazz put undue pressure on themselves and on Ty.  The Jazz are a proud organization and don’t like to admit that they are wrong; instead they go out of their way to support Ty and give praise unto him unlike they ever did Jerry. Don’t get me wrong, the Jazz supported Jerry for years and years but they didn’t go out of their way to make it seem like every decision he made was the most brilliant decision ever like they do with Ty.

I am tired of the excuses that the Jazz and fans give to Ty. Yes this is his first full training camp but who cares. He is a professional, he was an assistant for seven years and now is in his third season as head coach, he is a professional there should be no excuses.

The Jazz say that Jerry was tired and that he did not leave because of drama. If that is the case then Ty was not placed in a hard situation. The Jazz say nothing was going on in the locker room (we all know there was) but if we are to believe the Jazz then Ty was put in one of the best situations ever for a new head coach. I don’t think he was, of course there was drama going on, but the Jazz don’t want us to believe that, so if I am holding him to what the Jazz want us to then I don’t think Ty is that good of a coach.

Dog: This is a tough question for me.  Sometimes I love what coach Corbin’s doing and sometimes he makes me scream at the TV and pull my hair out.  We’ve seen the team improve since he first got the job so I’d like to see the front office stick with him.  One thing that always worries me is a team panicking and hastily making tough decisions.  Besides, it could be worse, the Jazz could have decided to hire Mike D’Antoni over Phil Jackson.

Grant: Ty Corbin; a very polarizing topic for Jazz fans. I am neither for nor against him for this season. However, he is not the coach that will take the Jazz to the next level. I feel like he is the PJ Carlesimo with Seattle/OKC. He was the coach right before Scott Brooks took over. I think Corbin will be gone by the end of the next two seasons.

Jon: I do not advocate firing Ty Corbin right now. I also don’t think he’s a good coach right now. Unfortunately, there are three things that make me skeptical about his ability to become a good coach with more experience:

  • Continuing to play less effective players just because they are vets. This includes Randy Foye, who has actually been decent (surprising me) but still nowhere near as good as Gordon Hayward. It also includes Marvin and Earl, who have simply been invisible and awful, respectively. He’s done this stuff three seasons in a row now. At some point you have to realize that he values status more than talent and production.
  • Lack of improvement in overall team performance. The offense is slightly worse than last year, despite new players designed to maximize the team’s scoring. The defense is worse despite working on it more than anything else in practice (according to Foye) and despite players capable of playing strong defense.
  • A game plan built around one guy’s abilities rather than the strengths of all top 3-4 guys.

At the same time I know the team’s not going to let him go. And I am willing and curious to see what happens once the crutch of Al Jefferson is gone next year.

Matt: I’m indifferent towards Corbin and that is somewhat maddening to me. I think I drink too much of David Locke’s Kool-Aid in that Corbin is doing what the organization wants him to do. But you know what, that isn’t working anymore so it’s time to figuratively stick your middle finger in the air and tell them it’s time to do things the right way.  And if you can’t do it, then move over, because I’d LOVE to see Hornacek as the coach.

Mike: I’ve seen enough. I think Corbin keeps the lights on but is a poor version of Jerry Sloan. I see distraction and disinterest from the older players. I’d like to see a fresh perspective as these draft picks begin to bloom. Bring in Mike Brown. He’d elevate the team defense and fit into our Laker Hating culture.

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