Utah Jazz Midseason Roundtable: Trade Considerations

Jazz Logo IIIIts time for a mid-season check-in with your Utah Jazz and there isn’t any better way to do this than to get the voices your know best in the market to help analyze how they are doing.  We’re grateful to have linked up with Amar, Clark, Diana, and Jon from SLC Dunk, Grant from Torn By Sports, Allen and James from The Dog and Deuce Show, and of course Mike and Matt weigh in as well.  If you haven’t been reading SLC Dunk or TBS or listening to D&D, you really need to check them out.

9. The trade deadline looms as February 21 approaches.  Do you foresee the Jazz making any trades by the deadline?

Amar: Nope. Jazz stand still as the allure of all our expiring deals is greater than the potential to bring in a new player.

Clark: I’d be surprised if the Jazz did make a trade by the deadline.  For one, the Jazz seem to make trades when no one expects them to and not make trades when people do expect them to.  Also, I believe they still hope to re-sign Millsap this summer and I think they would rather maintain future financial flexibility than get something for Al Jefferson this season.  If they trade Al, they will have to bring back at least one bad contract.  Also, trading Al or Paul really hurts the chances of making the playoffs this season.

Deuce: I wouldn’t be surprised if they do make a trade. With Jefferson and Millsap both free agents this off season nothing is out of question. If they see value or ability to fill a need in any offer for either player then I think the Jazz make a move. Having said that, I don’t think either player’s performance this season is going to draw valuable assets away from any team. I think most will sit back and wait for them to hit the Free Agent market this summer.

Diana: I don’t know. The Jazz are unpredictable and you never know what they are going to do. I’d like to think they trade Al if the opportunity presents itself but I imagine if we are playing well they don’t want to chance missing the chance to get swept in the playoffs if they trade Al.

Dog: We just talked about this on our latest episode.  I would like to see a trade but would caution against making one just to make one.  It’s important that it is the right trade that brings in the right pieces.  Moving Al Jefferson might be a good thing if they can get some help defensively or beyond the arc.

Grant: Nope. The media is just waiting for the Jazz to make a deal. They have two big men that will be free agents with young guys behind them. In reality, the media is salivating over trying to break the story of the Jazz trade first. However, because of the expectation, the Jazz will not be making any deals by the trade deadline.

Jon: I do not expect any trades. The team is barely clinging to a playoff spot. One minor blip could cost them. The team can’t address current needs (PG) without sacrificing one of its main cogs. The team can’t address future needs without sacrificing one of its main cogs.

And this year the team will not sacrifice.

Matt: I can only hope that the Jazz are seeing the bigger picture here and realizing that a few mid-first round picks and cash from expiring contracts after the season may be enough to get a great deal done for the draft or through a trade with another team.  As it is, I don’t see the team making any move before this deadline that is of any relevance to anything.

Mike: I don’t see a way the Jazz keep all their power forwards. The Jazz seem to be in a strange race between trying to compete for a low end playoff spot as they are growing talent as the contract years of the older and younger players progress. I’d like to see Favors and Kanter in a starting role. Jazz will need to move someone for this to happen.

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