In Case You Buried Your Head in the Ground . . .

BYU LOGOBuried HeadI’ve been somewhat absent in my blogging lately.  Check that, absent in almost anything sport’s related lately.  I was as excited as anyone to see BYU kick off spring football this week, but scheduling and timing have made it hard to find time.  Well time, I found you at last and I’m taking time to get caught up.  And if you are reading this, hopefully I’m catching you up as well.

The hardest part about being out of the loop was that I had to find out about the coaching staff assignments for the football team from a Ute fan. That just isn’t cool.  But what is important is to note the following:

Robert Anae

Robert Anae has been named an assistant head coach


Nick HowellSecondary coach Nick Howell has been elevated to defensive coordinate while head coach Bronco Mendenhall will retain play-calling duties.

Kelly PoppingaOutside linebackers coach Kelly Poppinga will also take over the special teams duties this season.

Skyler HalfordThe Cougars added another name to the list of 2013 commits for hoops this year.  6’1” combo guard Skyler Halford prepped at Timpanogas High School and played with or is very familiar with many names on BYU’s roster, including Tyler Haws.  He played mostly point guard in high school but at Salt Lake Community College he has been mostly a shooting guard. He is a shooter that will hopefully will a void that BYU so desperately lacked this season.  Halford is a return missionary so he should be able to step in right away next season and play.

Athletic Director Tom Holmoe added another game to the future football schedule by UConn Footballinking a home-and-home with UConn in 2014 and 2015.  The Cougars will face the Huskies at Rentschler Field on August 28, 2014, and will host the Huskies at LaVell Edwards Stadium on October 31, 2015.  This will be the first meeting between the two schools.

Davies and HawsBYU and the West Coast Conference concluded regular season play over the weekend.  BYU won a close one at Loyola Marymount.  Today, BYU received awards for two of its hoopster leaders, senior center Brandon Davies and sophomore wingman Tyler Haws with both making the All-WCC team.

Day 1 of spring practices was held on Monday in the Indoor Practice Facility.  NewSpring 2013 Day 1 offensive coordinator Robert Anae was able to implement his new offense with his new staff, complete with those big signal-cards that you’ve seen in Oregon and other places around the country.  Anae has said he intends to increase the tempo with the offense this season and these signal cards will allow the quarterback (whomever it may be) to get the play in faster and move to the line of scrimmage.  Of note, Taysom Hill ran with the 1’s today but both Mendenhall and Anae were quick to point that was for convenience and not indicative of a decision yet.  Both insisted that many positions, including quarterback, were up for grabs yet.

BYU Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall

Perhaps the most surprising comment to come from spring practices in day 1 came from Mendenhall when asked about his intentions with the program and a possible extension.  Said he,

“I’ve made it really clear that I would like to stay, and that’s big news in and of itself, because I didn’t expect to be here that long, but I feel compelled–that there’s more to do. All I’ve done is express my interest to the administration…the time frame and the details will come from the administration.”

This is surprising because if you follow this blog at all or know me at all, you know I’ve long-since believed that this coming season would be Bronco’s final at BYU.  These comments lead one to believe I couldn’t be more wrong. We’ll wait and see at this point.

Last note: the spring scrimmage open to the public will take place at the Stadium on March 30 at 11.  More details will come.

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