ATI 2013.17 Jimmer, Ziggy, and Road Trippin with the Cougs

Ask the IneligiblesZiggyZiggy was drafted #5 overall (first top five pick from BYU since Jim McMahon was drafted) and he’s going to the Lions.  How do you feel about this as the place where Ziggy will finally learn how to really play football?  Also, do you think he had any idea who Barry Sanders is?

Carl: Just don’t fall in to the wrong crowd, Ziggy.  Suh is a great football player and Ziggy can learn a ton from him.  But don’t pick up on his antics.  I’m all in with Ansah; I especially like his young motor and the fact that he’s driven to learn how to be successful.  Detroit is a team he can learn quickly from and on the job.  He’ll see playing time this season and I fully expect him to make a splash.  As for Sanders, Ziggy now knows who Barry is.

Matt: As far as a team goes, I like the Lions.  They are defensive-minded and with Cliff Avril leaving, he may slide in and play right away.  However, that comes with a potential pitfall; if he isn’t given the latitude to develop and learn, he’s going to find trouble.  The coaches must be patient. And as Carl suggested, he needs to be mindful of who he surrounds himself with.  I doubt Ziggy had any idea who that little guy was when he called his name, but he certainly does now.

Mike: No chance Ziggy knew who Barry Sanders was.  Detroit was the most under-achieving NFL team last year.  From draft day tweets it looks like the Lions defense, namely Suh, Tulloch and Houston are thrilled to get a top pass rusher.  With Suh and Nick Farley on the Lions D-Line Ziggy should flourish.  Detroit is good for Ziggy.

Scott: I like Detroit for Ziggy. I know a lot of people don’t like Ndamukong Suh, and I’ll admit he can be pretty dirty at times, but when it comes to playing football, he is going to attract a lot of attention. Nick Fairley will as well. That’s going to allow Ziggy more opportunities to get to the QB. Ziggy has the chance to be part of a great defensive line. As far as whether or not he knew who Barry Sanders was … I’d guess probably not. I mean, he said he learned about him on NFL Network, but without growing up watching the NFL, I don’t know if he could fully understand how great he was and how much he meant to the Detroit Lions organization. I loved seeing him announce the Ziggy pick, but I wish he would have said “Ziggy” instead of “Ezekiel.”

This past week Sporting News ranked all 125 head coaches in the FBS.  Not surprisingly, Nick Saban headlines the list, but they ranked Bronco Mendenhall (17) and Kyle Whittingham (36) in the top 40.  Do you agree with these rankings?

Carl: Not sure why Mendenhall is ranked so highly.  Then again, I don’t know what criteria formulates these ranking.  Bronco is a great coach; he gets a lot out of his players and runs a clean program.  But he hasn’t done as much as Whittingham has.  Maybe Bronco looks better recently with overall records, but I wouldn’t put him that far ahead of Whittingham.  And K Whitt still owns the head to head.

Matt: Meh.  The top of the list is fine, but Bronco isn’t the 17th best coach in the nation.  If he can successfully navigate this season (at least 9 wins) then maybe he can be in that discussion.  If you asked this after 2008, then Kyle is approaching the right level, but right now, he can’t be that high.  He hasn’t figured out how to win in the Pac 12 yet and until he finds the right recipe, he can’t be ranked this high.  I think this is too high for both of them.

Mike: Agreed with Saban at #1. How Urban Meyer gets the nod above Chris Peterson defies galactic logic. What Peterson has built at Boise St with left over recruits is the most remarkable thing in college football.  Bronco has to be proud of a 17th ranking. It reflects a national respect that his Happy Valley critics need to recognize.  It appears the honeymoon is over for Kyle Whittingham.  Being ranked 36th shows how poorly a BCS winning program has looked since being on the PAC12 stage.  Only Lane Kiffin looks worse at #43.

Scott: I love Bronco Mendenhall, and I might be one of the biggest Bronco apologists. But 17th? That does seem a little high. Then again, I think we sometimes lose focus on the difficulty of the task of being the head football coach at BYU. Considering the recruiting restrictions brought on by the Honor Code and academic requirements, it’s actually quite amazing he’s never had a losing season, especially when you consider he took over after the third consecutive losing season. Yes, many of us were disappointed in the results of the last two seasons, but I believe BYU is a program on the rise again. As far as Kyle Whittingham is concerned, I’m not sure. He did take over for a program that had just finished in the top 5. After a few mediocre seasons, they won the Sugar Bowl. However, the results since then have probably been underwhelming. A lot of Utah fans will scoff at the idea of Whittingham being below Bronco on this list, but Bronco almost never loses to teams he should beat. That can’t be said for Whitt.

LESLast week Ryan Teeples wrote about the top six future road trips and the worst five road trips for BYU as they continue on this independent schedule.  Of the games already on the schedule, what would your top three roadies be?  What would be one more roadie that you’d like to see BYU add to its schedule?

Carl: In no particular order, I’d like to see Michigan, Nebraska and Texas.  Certainly finances put a damper on that.  But if things work out right, I’ll be going Austin to see Texas.  I’m a big fan of the atmosphere in the SEC and BYU fans got a taste with Ole Miss recently.  Unrealistically, I’d like BYU going to LSU, Florida, Georgia.  More realistically, I’d like to see Virginia Tech.

Matt: My top three have to be South Bend, Michigan, and Washington DC in 2016.  If things work out, I’ll join Carl in Austin.  That has to happen.  I would like to see a game in the Shoe or the Swamp.

Mike: My upcoming Top 3 are Notre Dame ’13, Michigan ’15 and Texas ’14.  I’ve been to ND and Texas and both are brilliant.  The Big House in Ann Arbor might be better.  My and 1 roadie would be Death Valley, LA vs LSU.  Even though it would most likely result in a BYU beat down of epic proportions I’ve heard the urban legends of Death Valley on a Saturday night and I want to go.

Scott: I went to the Ole Miss and Notre Dame games, and they were a lot of fun. But when I go to games, I don’t really do a lot outside of going to the games, so I am probably not the person to talk to when it comes to the quality of road trips. I definitely agree with both of Ryan’s lists, however, I would probably add one or two to the list of good ones. I live in the Midwest, so anytime I am able to see BYU play, it’s a great road trip. While Madison, Wisconsin may not seem like a great place to visit, the thought of visiting Camp Randall excites me. Additionally, the trip to Cincinnati appeals to me, because it is only two hours away. Makes it a day trip, instead of having to pay a bunch for a hotel room. I guess I’m not that cool of a guy to travel with.

Jimmer in NCAAIt’s no secret that Jimmer has struggled in his first two seasons in Sacramento.  With all the changes happening with the Kings right now, who knows how that will affect him.  If Jimmer were to be traded, where do you think would be the best place for him to be traded to and why.

Carl: That’s a tougher question, because I don’t follow NBA as much as I used to, but my first thought was a team like Indiana.  A team who’s always looking for quality role players to work around Granger and Co.  Let’s face it though, Jimmer is going to be a role player.  He needs to learn his new role in order to be successful anywhere he may go.

Matt: 1st off, I don’t think anyone can be successful in Sacramento until they figure out what they are doing and more importantly learn how to play basketball as a team. 2nd thing, I don’t think Jimmer can be successful in Sacrament, ever. 3rd, I don’t know which team would be best, but I just don’t think the Jazz would be a good fit either.  Too many expectations.  He should go play in Miami and be a 15 minutes off the bench 3-point shooter where he can do what he does best.

Mike: The Jazz would be the obvious best destination.  Jazz fans sell out so many Kings/Jazz games that the Millers requested more Kings games.  I doubt Jimmer could do any wrong in this state.  Not to mention he’d provide the outside shooting that the Jazz clearly lack.  Adding Jimmer to the Jazz young roster would be brilliant.  I think like Steph Curry, Jimmer could still develop given a chance that doesn’t exist in Sacramento.

Scott: I’m not 100% sure Jimmer has to leave Sacramento. Whatever ends up happening with the Kings, I would be surprised if Keith Smart is still the coach next year. If the new coach believes in Jimmer and wants him to be the sixth man (which I think is probably the best-case scenario for Jimmer’s NBA career), Sacramento could be the best spot for him, but there’d have to be some roster cleanup. Good ownership for that team will go a long way.

However, if he has to get traded to get that opportunity, why not the Los Angeles Clippers? Eric Bledsoe is likely going to be gone soon, because the Clippers can’t afford him. He might be a great bench guy to give Chris Paul a breather every once in a while. Additionally, CP3 could maybe help teach him to play better defense. He’d be on a good team, and BYU fans might enjoy watching him. Or the Utah Jazz. They could probably use a three-point shooter.

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