Predicting the Cougars 2013: Will This Team Be Successful?


I’m going to hand out another podcast shout out to the Rise and Shout podcast.  They frequently do over/under stats for BYU and I thought I’d come up with some of my own for the AI family and see what we could come up with.  Check back this whole week for the next in depth look into BYU football.

BYU FlagsAnd finally, it’s time to look at the levels of production that we are all hoping to see from the team this year.

Home wins – 4.5, road wins – 3.5, total wins 8.5, points/game – 27.5, total yards/game – 470, 58 total team touchdowns, and final turnover margin +5.5

Carl: I’m going more conservative with the team overall.  I like the team and I like the potential.  But I’ve been too ‘Blue goggles’ in the past to be overly confident.  Maybe if I set the expectations lower, I’ll be pleasantly surprised when they overachieve, especially with the schedule before them.  8 wins is an acceptable season, more than that is gravy in my book. But please be that team to the north this year.  Be looking for very competitive games and possible upset victories vs. Texas, Notre Dame and Wisconsin.  BYU will match up extremely well with those teams.

Home W = under   Road W = over   Total W = under   PPG = under   YPG = under   TD = under   TO = under

Matt: I have this team winning 9 games this season which means that at least one of either home or road wins is low.  I’m guessing it will be each by 0.50 games.  27.5 ppg is pretty potent, and I think we come up short, but not by much.  I feel the total touchdowns is probably low while the team needs to make sure that they win the turnover margin this season.

Mike: I like BYU’s chances this year.  I see 8 wins with that brutal schedule.  I hope it’s more.  Points per game looks low.  Total yards and TDs looks high.  I still think Anae and Taysom need a year together before they put up dramatic numbers.  Again the schedule will make all of these projections difficult to exceed.

Home W = over   Road W = under   Total W = under   PPG = over   YPG = under   TD = under   TO = under

Scott: OVER

I am high on this year’s team, and as we get closer and closer to the beginning of the season, my expectations can only get more unrealistic. It’s silly to doubt the athletic ability of Taysom Hill, but his passing ability is open to criticism. However, how many reps was he really getting last year? How much practice did he get with the first-stringers? An entire offseason of preparation should benefit Hill greatly, and we’ll see a much improved offense, a much improved team. None of those marks are impossible to reach, but the total team touchdown one will be the most difficult to get to.

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