Name: Matt Quinney

Twitter Handle: @Matt_Quinney

Mini Me: I was born in Boise and have a lot of rabid Boise St. fans in my family tree.  Fortunately, my family moved to Utah when I was five and we’ve been the right color of blue my whole life.  Sports are sort of an obsession for me and I’m lucky that my wife and 2.5 children understand my passion.

I wasn’t raised by avid sports fans so my attraction to them was very self-directed.  In addition to being a rabid, football-season-ticket-holding (my graduation gift from the University of Utah) Cougar fan, I’m also die-hard Jazz and am a defiant Cowboys fan (I say defiant because most everywhere I turn, I get the same,”Ugg, really?” response.

This blog started out as nothing more than just a dream for a couple of guys and has turned into more than I ever would have thought we could reach.  It’s been a lot of fun and we are committed to bringing even more of our passion your way.


12 Responses to Matt

  1. mike deaver says:

    Hi Matt, my name is Mike Deaver with the Utah Sports Commission. I happened to read your post about the Utah Championship. Thanks for attending and thanks for the comments on your experience there. I was wondering if you could tell me where your wife purchased or received the VIP tickets. We just always like to track how tickets are being distributed. Is there anything else about the tournament you think we could improve on? Follow us on Twitter @stateofsport – thanks again!

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for reading the blog. We love followers.
      She bought them from Costco. It was a killer deal. I may try to make it an annual thing I enjoyed it that well.
      As far as suggestions go, I don’t really have one that I can think of. It was my first experience so I don’t know what else could be improved upon. Overall I think the volunteers were friendly and helpful. The food was good as we’re the snacks and drinks.
      Really, a great job overall.

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