March 28, 2012

What is your biggest take away from spring camp? Anything you would have liked to see more of?

Matt – Strength and conditioning.  It was ridiculous as a fan that we had to watch a scrimmage that featured a few 1st unit defenders and no 1st team offense because so many people were hurt.  Some things can’t be help but some can.  I was really hoping to see an actual game where points were to be had.  On a positive note, I was impressed with Taysom Hill, Adam Hine, and really with Ezekiel Ansah.

Carl – It’s actually a concern; I’m none too pleased with the injuries plaguing the team.  I truly feel, as other years in the past, that things could fall in to place for BYU to make a run to the BCS.  But we can’t have all the injuries and expect to be perfect.  Not liking the thinness on the offensive line, in light of all the aches.

David – I am very excited about our defensive line. Adding to our already very impressive lineup we have Ezekiel ‘Ziggy’ Ansah  and Uani Unga.  It was amazing watching Ziggy and Kaveinga tear apart the offense. Put them in on the strong side and Van Noy on the other, good luck protecting that quarterback.

Who are your top three players to watch on the football team in 2012 and why?

Matt – I’m having a hard time not cheating on this question.  I really want to answer in terms of units and not individuals.  However, if I’m going to honestly answer the question, it would be Josh “Juice” Quezada (I want to see how he bounces back from a disappointing 20122), Kyle Van Noy (can he become even more of a freak athlete?) and Ezekiel Ansah (if he’s as dominant at the line of scrimmage as he’s been this spring, we’re going to be in for a treat from the defensive line.)

Carl – Currently my top three are (in no particular order) Riley Nelson, Uona Kaveinga, and Ross Apo.  They may not be the best players, but I’m looking at these guys being the top three to make huge improvements from last year to this one.  If Riley morphs more in to a QB; watch out!  UK and KVN in on the tackles for loss should be commonplace with the one complimenting the other.  And I really want Apo to be the solid No. 2 to Cody Hoffman.  Heck, be dueling number ones; I just want to have dual wide receiver threats.  And I think we all know he can be that guy.

David – #3. O’Neill Chambers.  I’m interested to see what level of commitment he is going to show this season.  As of now, he’s playing defense and won’t likely see much playing time.  If he keeps his head straight and his mouth shut, Bronco just might let him back in the game.
#2.  Riley Nelson.  We all know he is a good quarterback, but not an amazing one.  Doman keeps talking about him like he’s going to be king of NCAA Football this year.  It’s probably just the normal propaganda that comes out of any football program, but I would love to see him go down as one of the greats in BYU history.

#1.  Ziggy Ansah.  He is a 6′-6″, 270 lbs track star from Ghana.  The way this kid plays, he could be the only one on the field playing defense and he would still dominate. He has never played football before now and is only going to get better through the summer and throughout the season. It’s too bad that we will only have him for one season.

After March Madness concludes, what’s next on your sports roadmap, The Masters or the rest of the NBA season?

Matt – I love golf.  I love playing it and I will for sure be paying attention to the Masters, but I can’t just sit and watch it.  I will be paying a lot of attention to the Jazz to see how they end up in the playoff race.  I will also spend more time paying attention to Real Salt Lake as well as geeking (errr, I mean gearing) up for the NFL Draft at the end of April.  And lastly, the Summer Olympics from London.  My wife and I have some fun stuff planned for the kids during the Olympics to make them fun for the kids.

Carl – I’m a casual fan of most anything between the months of February and August.  However, I do like the big name events of each sport, including Daytona and the Indianapolis 500.  The Masters is no different; it will be DVRed (because I LOVE watching golf in 2 hours instead of 8!).  The Masters is actually my favorite golf tournament to watch.  There is nothing else in golf like the Masters: the pageantry, the no girls rule, and of course, watching Rory McIlroy BLOW UP on ‘Amen Corner’.  Who will be this year’s victim?

David – Definitely the NBA.  I’m interested to know who wins during the masters, but watching it is more boring than watching soccer.


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